Senior Editor & Copywriter

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Hamilton, New Zealand


Open until filled
Mar 31, 2024

Role Overview

We are seeking a skilled and detail-oriented Copywriting Editor to join our dynamic team. As a Copywriting Editor, you will play a pivotal role in ensuring the quality, accuracy, and effectiveness of written content produced by our copywriters. Your responsibilities will include proofreading and editing content for grammar, style, and consistency, while also providing constructive feedback to enhance the overall quality of our deliverables. The successful candidate will possess exceptional writing skills, a keen eye for detail, and the ability to collaborate effectively with a team of copywriters, content strategists, and clients. If you are passionate about refining and elevating written communication to meet client objectives, we invite you to apply.

who you are

  1. Strong Writing Skills: While copywriting focuses on creating content, an editor must also possess excellent writing skills to rephrase, refine, and improve the original copy.
  2. Attention to Detail: Meticulously review content to catch errors, inconsistencies, and areas for improvement. Pay attention to the nuances of language and tone.
  3. Knowledge of Style Guides: Familiarity with style guides (such as AP Style, Chicago Manual of Style, or client-specific guidelines) is essential for maintaining consistency.
  4. Communication Skills: Effectively communicate feedback and suggestions to writers, ensuring a collaborative and constructive working environment.
  5. Time Management: Handle multiple projects simultaneously and meet deadlines without compromising the quality of work.
  6. Critical Thinking: Evaluate content critically to identify areas for improvement and suggest creative solutions to enhance the overall quality.
  7. Understanding of Marketing Principles: Comprehend marketing strategies and objectives to align edited content with the intended goals.

what you'll be doing

  1. Proofreading and Editing: Review and edit written content for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and overall clarity. Ensure that the content aligns with the brand voice and meets the client's objectives.
  2. Quality Control: Maintain high standards for the quality of written content. Identify and correct errors while also providing constructive feedback to writers.
  3. Style and Consistency: Ensure consistency in style, tone, and messaging across all written materials. Familiarize yourself with brand guidelines and industry standards.
  4. Collaboration: Work closely with writers, content strategists, and other team members to refine and improve content. Provide support and guidance to help writers enhance their skills.
  5. Deadline Management: Meet tight deadlines and help writers adhere to project timelines. Prioritize tasks effectively to ensure timely delivery of high-quality content.
  6. Research: Verify facts, statistics, and other information to ensure accuracy in the copy. Conduct research to enhance the depth and credibility of the content.
  7. Client Communication: Communicate with clients to understand their specific requirements, address feedback, and ensure the final content meets their expectations.
  8. Adaptability: Be adaptable to changes in project scope, client preferences, or industry trends. Stay informed about changes in language usage, writing styles, and best practices.

frequently asked questions

What benefits do N4 offer?

Outside of the expected time off, sick leave, and pension contributions we also offer:

  • Remote and flexible working
  • Bonuses and comission
  • Educational funds
  • Home office allowances
  • Financial planning
  • Regular social events
  • Annual retreats

Any plenty more!

What does N4's hiring process look like?

While we are typically quite flexible in our approach, our process looks a little something like:

  • Introductions: After submitting your application for an open position, we will get to know you through an introductory coffee or video call.
  • Studio day: We want to experience a day of working with you. This stage is an opportunity to exercise your expertise and meet the team.
  • Final interview: The final interview is all eyes on you. We invite you to express yourself and convince us there’s no better person for the job.
Does N4 offer remote or hybrid working?

While we have physical locations across New Zealand and London, we welcome remote and hybrid working arrangements. In fact, if you are working remotely you can enjoy an allowance of $150 per month for remote work expenses, like a coworking membership, coffee, or internet bills. Yes, it can stretch to cover your Spotify subscription.

Can N4 help me with my financial planning?

Planning for your future is important. To help you make smart moves, we offer a range of financial literacy services, from workshops and presentations to one-on-one advice.

Most importantly, does N4 have good coffee and snacks?

We invest heavily into our work environments to create comfortable and inspiring spaces that empowers us to do our best work. So yes, expect speciality coffee, a snack bar, an actual bar, and a respectable record collection.

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Tell us why you'd be a great fit for the team. We're excited to meet you!

Tell us why you'd be a great fit for the team. We're excited to meet you!