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Cardrona Distillery

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Cardrona Distillery

(01) Overview

Capturing the essence of Cardrona

Cardrona Distillery produces fine spirits including gin, vodka, whisky, and liqueur using ingredients harvested from New Zealand’s Southern Alps. N4 worked alongside Cardona to elevate their digital experience to mirror the essence of their spirits; premium quality that showcases the strong connection between the products and the pristine environment from whence they came.


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(01) Overview

Cardrona Distillery handcrafted spirits process
Cardrona Distillery premium spirits range with the Cardrona Valley backgrounds by N4.Studio
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(02) challenge

A thoughtfully curated digital presence

Cardrona wanted their next evolution to focus on a digital-first experience for their customers. We reverse-engineered their branding to understand how best to rebuild it in a way that spoke more authentically to Cardrona’s redefined goals.

Early in the process, during the briefing stage, we decided that Cardrona’s individuality, purity, and relationship with New Zealand’s South Island would become the brand’s hallmark. The decision to champion these qualities would shape how Cardrona appealed to their global customer base — through the beauty of craftsmanship and geographical connection.

(02) Challenge

Cardrona Distillery website landing page desktop mockup by N4.Studio
Cardrona Distillery bubbles in the spirit-making process
Cardrona Distillery Growing Wings single malt whisky by N4.Studio
Cardrona Distillery closeup logomark on spirits bottle
Cardrona Distillery website mobile experience by N4.Studio
The Cardrona Valley landscape
Rose Rabbit orange liqueur by Cardrona Distillery
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(03) Solution

Showcasing a premium offering and heritage brand

The conceptual phase began with an intimate exploration of Cardrona Distillery’s products and location, drawing parallels between the ingredients and the land. We examined how best to frame these elements to create an immersive online experience that closed with a seamless customer journey to purchasing.

Feedback from customer surveys we deployed helped us adjust our approach as we developed concepts for the online experience. This information led us to a distinct design that would embrace customer preferences for optimal engagement.

The resulting website brings users on a dynamic tour through Cardrona’s catalogue and breathtaking locations. We created intuitive navigation to encourage visitors to find their own way, flowing through the site naturally.

(03) Solution

Cardrona Valley website core spirit range by N4.Studio
Cardrona Distillery website about dropdown navigation menu
Cardrona Distillery desktop and mobile website showcase
Cardrona Distillery webpages showcase compilation
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Creating an organic online experience

We included seamless transitions and purposeful animations to provide a playful user experience. Although subtle, these motion features would breathe organic movement into the website, grounding the online experience in something more natural and reflective of the Cardrona Valley.

A touch of Cardrona Magic train station signage by N4.Studio
Cardrona Distillery mobile shopping experience
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Craftsmanship at the source

In creating a synergistic design that enhanced Cardrona’s brand and location we utilised a clean and minimalistic canvas for the backdrop to vivid imagery and videos that showcase the beauty of the distillery. This bold contrast between the background and assets is visually refreshing and avoids diluting the powerful photography.

Cardrona Distillery mobile screen Growing Wings single malt whisky webpage by N4.Studio
Cardrona Distillery mobile screen private casks webpage by N4.Studio
Cardrona Distillery mobile screen featured video reel on website by N4.Studio
Growing Wings single malt whisky webpage mobile experience by N4.Studio
Cardrona Distillery mobile screen spirits key ingredients website
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