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Good Soul Hunting

(01) Overview

Bringing human connection to the job hunt

Everyone has a story and unfortunately in recruitment, those stories often get lost. But Good Soul Hunting adopted the stance of putting job seekers’ stories front and centre, shouting them loud and proud, to better understand people and businesses, what drives them, and what they can offer each other.

In addition to humanising the search for symbiotic employer/employee relationships, Good Soul Hunting, using data and human insights, applies their formula to effectively make recruitment matches. N4, Good Soul Hunting’s newest match, helped transform their branding into something that spoke to the unique nature of their positioning.


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(01) Overview

Good Soul Hunting branding design by N4 Studio
Good Soul Hunting large format posters on outside wall with cyclist and dog passing by
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(02) challenge

Shining in a saturated market

Recruitment is a challenging space that is often shrouded in negative notions. We wanted to focus on what’s at the heart of Good Soul Hunting’s recruitment style combined with data. Their identity needed to feel unique, humanistic, and ultimately, malleable to a wide variety of industries and global markets.

Good Soul Hunting is competing in the heavily-saturated US market, so they had to stand out — they’re not recruiters; they’re an executive search firm specialising in long-term career connections.

(02) Challenge

Good Soul Hunting large banner on side of building
Young man and woman wearing Good Soul Hunting branded t-shirts
Good Soul Hunting branding mockup in design book
Good Soul Hunting branded tote bags by N4 Studio
Good Soul Hunting poster stuck to exterior wall
Good Soul Hunting business card designs by N4 Studio
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(03) Solution

A design takes shape…

Using an enigmatic collection of shapes lacking any real-world translation, we helped Good Soul Hunting express themselves and the individuals they represent in an evocative way without words. Creating shapes that are unique, distinct, and non-ambiguous may seem like a day at primary school, but it’s the contrary. Meticulous detail went into crafting a series of shapes that epitomised Good Soul Hunting’s team, brand, and mission.

(03) Solution

Good Soul Hunting shape designs by N4 Studio
Good Soul Hunting custom font keyboard layout by N4.STUDIO
Good Soul Hunting circle and diamond shape designs by N4 Studio
Good Soul Hunting design system overview by N4.STUDIO
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…and morphs again

Of course, the necessity of words was inevitable, so we developed these shapes into a font that the Good Soul Hunting team could apply across their platform, materials, documents, and programmes. To further cement their essence, we implemented a bold and ‘California-based’ colour scheme that was versatile and easily applicable to a variety of digital and physical mediums.

Poster of man with Good Soul Hunting branded symbol overlay
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Holding an intergenerational audience 

Potential candidates are inundated with recruitment-led job opportunities every day. So much so that it becomes exhausting trying to wade through and find which ones are worth spending time on.

Social media is used as a search tool for 79% of job seekers when researching potential employers. It was essential for Good Soul Hunting’s brand to resonate with users within that space. LinkedIn was the jump point, but Instagram, TikTok and beyond needed to be included when crafting the design system, especially considering the younger factions of the job market.

Good Soul Hunting social media marketing Instagram story 1
Good Soul Hunting social media marketing Instagram story 2
Good Soul Hunting social media marketing Instagram story 3
Good Soul Hunting social media marketing Instagram story 4
Good Soul Hunting social media marketing Instagram story 5
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“N4 gifted us with a dynamically unique brand with limitless ways to represent the good souls we represent in our executive search agency. They challenged our thinking, delivered to an exceptional level, and gave us an unfair advantage in our sector.”

Emma Barry

Emma Barry

Chief Creative Soul, Good Soul Hunting

Emma Barry

, N4