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Chia Sisters

Chia Sisters

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(01) Overview

Telling the story of bespoke juice makers

Founded by a neuroscientist and endorsed by her triathlete sister, the solar-powered juicery known as Chia Sisters applies neuroscience to the art of juice making to create nourishing and energising drinks that harness the power of nature.

Chia Sisters approached N4 to help evolve their online presence and elevate it to a level that matched their speciality products. This evolution included building a website with a seamless user experience, bolstering their unique brand story, and expanding their audience internationally.


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(01) Overview

Laptop mockup of Chia Sisters website
Chia Sisters website mobile mockup
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(02) challenge

Defining the connection between consumers and consumption 

Beginning with user research, we examined their target audience to identify how Chia Sister’s superfood elixirs supported them throughout their day-to-day activities. We considered their daily routines to determine which drink would be most nutritionally beneficial at what time of day.

Once we understood this connection between Chia Sister’s products and consumers, we looked for opportunities to create engagement across their website. We proposed building an interactive quiz that helped users choose the ideal drink for their lifestyle which led to us defining the tone of their entire online experience with Chia Sisters; user-first, playful, and purposeful while capturing the essence of their dynamic new branding.

(02) Challenge

Chia Sisters website homepage animation
Chia Sisters mobile product page
Chia Sisters Natural Energy drink 3D render
Chia Sisters Gut Health drink 3D render
Chia Sisters Brain Boost drink 3D render
Chia Sisters website design by N4 Studio
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(03) Solution

Design and product alignment

We opted for a clean interface that’s both organic and ergonomic, speaking to the nature of the products while showcasing their soft aesthetic. The simplistic design complements the navigation’s usability and provides a welcoming digital space for users to explore the artisanry and science behind Chia Sisters.

Circular framing, inspired by the shapely bottles, incorporates the organic essence of the products into the design and is carried through across sections, imagery, transitions, and calls to action. 

Maintaining an emphasis on nutrition was essential throughout the product page journey but we wanted to avoid the gimmick of listing ingredients. Instead, we highlighted the key nutrients and benefits of each drink, focusing on what’s important and providing specific use opportunities; “best enjoyed in the morning for day-long energy”.

(03) Solution

Chia Sisters homepage design feature by N4 Studio
Brain Boost drink by Chia Sisters
Superfood Smoothie drink by Chia Sisters
Chia Sisters website drink quiz by N4 Studio
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Digital visualisation

Closeup of Chia Sisters bottle 3D render
Chia Sisters chia drinks feature
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Seamless mobile interface

Chia Sisters website homepage on mobile
Chia Sisters website timeline on mobile
Chia Sisters website product overview on mobile
Chia Sisters website innovation on mobile
Chia Sisters website quiz question on mobile
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“Working with N4 has been a game-changing experience for our digital customer engagement. Their expertise in crafting and launching our global Shopify website has not only expanded our reach but also elevated our brand.”

Abbie Tebbutt

Abbie Tebbutt

Marketing Manager, Chia Sisters

Abbie Tebbutt

, N4