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Neon Hive rebrands to become N4 Studio®


July 27, 2023


Jono Cook


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Seven years ago Neon Hive was born to help passionate businesses transform and grow digitally. Fast forward to the present and Neon Hive has illuminated hundreds of businesses with creativity, delivery and innovation. 

Today marks a shift in our continued evolution as we expand our team and offering both locally and internationally. Neon Hive moving forward will be known as N4 Studio.

'N' pays homage to Neon Hive, a nod to our passion and energy. 

In a perfectly synergetic partnership, '4' embodies the exponential outcome achieved when two individuals collaborate successfully, surpassing the expected sum of '2'.

Together, N4 derives its name from the fusion of energy and partnership.

What's next for our customers?

While our name may have changed, our commitment to providing you with leading digital solutions remains the same.

We welcome everyone to follow along as we take the next step in our journey.

What’s next for us? 

Our focus is across 4 main areas:

  1. Partnership outcomes - continuously improving engagement and outcomes for our customers. With this will come some bespoke software and tools we will use with you and your teams.
  2. Better data decision making - bringing the conversation of ROI into every digital delivery is a big focus for us and our clients. We are working on ways to make this more effective.
  3. Innovation at our core - at N4 we allocate 30% of our effort towards new ideas and innovations to ensure we are experimenting and testing better ways to deliver great outcomes. This continues in what is a fast paced digital landscape.
  4. Strengthen our core offerings - Continue to push the boundaries and lift the overall standard of our offering across: Branding, Websites, Apps and Organic Marketing

As we further develop our core offerings, in particular our focus around our partnerships with Webflow, Google, Hubspot and Shopify, we will continue to deliver a world leading experience in these domains.

Jono Cook


Jono Cook

Founder / Developer




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