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Choosing a digital partner is a big decision. We aim to empower and educate you with transparent and reliable information by candidly addressing FAQs to eliminate the guesswork.


What types of companies do you work with and in what industries?

N4 Studio® has worked with over 1,200+ companies in over 40 countries. About 75% of our clients are fast-growing tech companies. These include SaaS, tech hardware, and tech-enabled companies finding ways to build tech into their products, many of which are multinationals. The other 25% of our clients are B2C/DTC consumer brands.

What makes a client a great fit for N4®?

Driven by the desire to do well by doing good. “Buy-in” at the top; full leadership support. Operates with a sense of purpose. Believes “brand is everything.” Values diversity and inclusion. Open-minded to new ideas. Active decision-makers. Accepts our fees. Allows us to define the problems and provide the right solutions.


What benefits do N4 offer?

Outside of the expected time off, sick leave, and pension contributions we also offer:

  • Remote and flexible working
  • Bonuses and comission
  • Educational funds
  • Home office allowances
  • Financial planning
  • Regular social events
  • Annual retreats

Any plenty more!

What does N4's hiring process look like?

While we are typically quite flexible in our approach, our process looks a little something like:

  • Introductions: After submitting your application for an open position, we will get to know you through an introductory coffee or video call.
  • Studio day: We want to experience a day of working with you. This stage is an opportunity to exercise your expertise and meet the team.
  • Final interview: The final interview is all eyes on you. We invite you to express yourself and convince us there’s no better person for the job.
Does N4 offer remote or hybrid working?

While we have physical locations across New Zealand and London, we welcome remote and hybrid working arrangements. In fact, if you are working remotely you can enjoy an allowance of $150 per month for remote work expenses, like a coworking membership, coffee, or internet bills. Yes, it can stretch to cover your Spotify subscription.

Can N4 help me with my financial planning?

Planning for your future is important. To help you make smart moves, we offer a range of financial literacy services, from workshops and presentations to one-on-one advice.

Most importantly, does N4 have good coffee and snacks?

We invest heavily into our work environments to create comfortable and inspiring spaces that empowers us to do our best work. So yes, expect speciality coffee, a snack bar, an actual bar, and a respectable record collection.


What is Webflow Enterprise?

Webflow Enterprise is Webflow’s premium service for large teams that require advanced collaboration tools and advanced security standards for their website. Packed with exclusive features that deliver more power to your site and your teams. 

With Webflow Enterprise you can unlock features such as; Page Branching, Tracked Changes and Advanced Permissioning. This is paired with a dedicated Customer Success Manager for you. Webflow Enterprise provides the ideal toolkit for building complex, scalable websites that evolve with your needs. Learn more about the Webflow Enterprise offering in the Enterprise section on the Webflow website

Does N4 offer design as well as development?

We design with flexibility in mind. Within our team we have world class talent in Branding, User Experience, 3D Design and Website Design who can help enhance and express your digital experience, leveraging your brand and unique selling proposition.

Every business has unique design requirements and in some cases an existing design team. We therefore undertake any design requirement based on your needs and often integrate with existing design teams. As a result we can either start designing your site from scratch, refresh existing designs, or add specific requirements into the mix. And like any design process, with web design we work collaboratively every step of the way.

Can N4 develop custom Webflow features and functionalities?

Simply put, we sure can. Every business and website have their own unique challenges and requirements, and sometimes this means customised solutions are required. When we start any web design project, we start with a discovery phase. We'll work with you and your team to review your requirements and explore various solutions to achieve your goals.

From there we involve our team of skilled Webflow developers who can go beyond the stock capabilities of Webflow to deliver any bespoke requirements. So rest assured that we can deliver a website tailored to meet your unique needs.

How much does it cost to design and develop a Webflow website?

Every web design and development project has its own requirements and therefore there is no one size fits all when it comes to costing. We will work with you to scope out your specific requirements and produce a comprehensive overview of project deliverables, budgets, and timelines. Factors that are considered during this process are:

  • Strategy
  • Web Design
  • Webflow Development
  • Content Migration
  • Integrations
  • Quality assurance
  • Training
  • Maintenance and support

Ultimately our focus is to be transparent, cost effective, and ensure a return on investment is delivered for your business.

Please book a time with us to discuss your needs and how Webflow Enterprise can support your organisation.

How long does an Enterprise Webflow project usually take?

Similar to the budgeting process, to understand your specific Webflow project we work with you and your team to understand your business trading cycle, any target dates and dependencies and then build a project plan to meet your goals. When it comes to web design and development, we work in a collaborative, transparent and adaptable manner to best suit your requirements.

Can we update the website ourselves after the project is complete?


The Webflow CMS is one of the most intuitive easy-to-use interfaces for content management. This means your site will be easy for your team to maintain, update and adapt without a developer. 

As part of all N4 projects, we provide easy-to-learn training on how to update your new website. At the conclusion website design and development, we record a Zoom call with your team where we offer a high-level overview of the Webflow platform, covering essential topics such as navigating the Webflow editor and designer, effectively managing the Webflow CMS, understanding project settings, publishing procedure, component libraries, implementing SEO best practices, and more. 

If you need additional pages or sections added to your site, we can provide post-launch support through our maintenance service. 

And at any time, we are only a quick call, Slack or Zoom away for jumping in to help with anything you need on operating or updating your website.

What will my experience be like working with N4 Studio?

Our goal is to make the process of designing and developing custom websites on Webflow a fun and rewarding experience.

Simply think of us as an extension of your team. Our focus is a high quality output, meeting the project goals and ensuring we work to your style and approach. 

From kickoff through to the final delivery, you will have a personal account manager who will outline and track timeline for delivery, collaborate on web content and strategy, and communicate updates every step of the way.

Can N4 maintain our Webflow project after delivery?

Yes, but we don't make this a requirement. As part of our quoting process, we will share a number of support solutions based on your specific project and business needs.

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