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The Value of SEO for Business


April 19, 2020


Jono Cook


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Google Search Rankings


Backed by an intent to purchase, organic search traffic surpasses all else.

It really is extraordinary just how powerful SEO can be for businesses. By optimising your search ranking you can build brand credibility, drive qualified traffic, and increase conversions. Not convinced? Here’s the run-down of the value SEO can drive for your business.

01. SEO Drives Traffic

As I write this, there are currently 82,581 Google searches made per second. Sounds promising for businesses wanting more web traffic. But there’s a catch. 

A chunky 67% of those who are searching will only click on one of the top ˇthree results. And once they make it to a website? Less than 2% of them will continue on to a second page. 

We’ve worked hard to rank first for search terms such as ‘Website Design Hamilton’ and 'Web Design Agency', and as a result, we've seen a 1,800% increase in traffic over the past year (and a similar increase in qualified leads).

Of course, driving traffic is only one key to the puzzle. You’ll also need to ensure that your website is designed well, has a great user experience, and is ready to convert

02. SEO Builds Credibility

“Credibility is an intuitive and complex concept that has two key dimensions; trustworthiness and expertise. Both are judged by people consuming information, and therefore, credibility always lies in the eye of the beholder” - Dirk Lewandowski.

Google works in the same way. But on a greater scale. In order to determine which websites are the most trustworthy and knowledgeable for specific search terms, Google consumes everything living on the internet. Only then can it assess hierarchy and present the results accordingly - starting with the most credible first.

Due to the reliability of this ranking system, people automatically associate top search results with being the most credible. Importantly, this reputation far surpasses the benefit of more web visitors. Highly credible brands leave a long-lasting impression.

For this reason, you should always be looking to optimise your website’s authority. If done well you’re guaranteed to benefit instantly and in the long run.

03. SEO Increases Conversion

Consider the number of ads you see online each day. They’re continually jumping up in our Instagram feeds, sewn into news articles, and dotted throughout basically everything you consume. Inescapable is a fair judgment. But how often do you click on them?

Here’s the thing about conversions. People who search intentionally are much more likely to convert than those who come across ads. Psychologically, they are prepared to purchase/take action. Which makes them a higher quality lead.

Take us for example. Roughly 80% of our organic search enquiry will result in a new client, whereas we see a 20-40% conversion rate for enquiry via paid ads (excluding re-marketing).

Need a Hand? Let’s Talk

Firstly, if you’re considering doing it yourself make sure to invest in performance-tracking tools and avoid the common SEO mistakes

But on the other hand, if you want the job done by professionals partnering with a web agency is likely the solution for you. 

As a digital agency focused on the web, we have developed a special skill for generating strong search visibility both internally and for clients. Curious about how we can help your business? Take a moment to chat with us, we’d love to chat at our office or yours.

Jono Cook


Jono Cook

Founder / Developer




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