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What is Webflow? An Ultimate Guide


January 8, 2024


Jono Cook

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Webflow Guide by N4 Studio


Webflow is changing the way we think about websites. Often considered as the future of web design and development, the platform has garnered widespread acclaim for its intuitive user interface, lightning-quick tools, and unmatched customisation. With these powerful features, businesses of all sizes, particularly those operating at an enterprise level, can benefit greatly. Because what we’re essentially working with here is an exponential blank canvas; technical limitations have disappeared, paving the way for Webflow designers and developers to achieve the extraordinary.

For business leaders, the software also provides compelling advantages, such as streamlined scalability, controlled global outreach, and creative autonomy. Leveraging powerful features like localisation and SEO, the platform equips users with the essentials for online success while enabling savings through technical efficiencies.

So it goes without surprise that over 3.5 million people use the web platform today. But what exactly is Webflow, and why are businesses favouring this platform over others? Our Webflow Experts address these big questions in this definitive guide. Let’s dive in.

Webflow Designer dashboard overview by N4 Studio

What Is Webflow?

In a nutshell, Webflow is an intuitive website-building tool and hosting platform. Dubbed the pioneer of no-code technology, Webflow simplifies the process of creating and managing advanced digital products, saving time and resources across the board.

Users are firmly at the heart of the platform, and they always have been. The company has long maintained this commitment to user-centricity, ensuring an exceptional experience for designers, developers, and site administrators. And it’s because of this distinctive quality that the platform has become highly favoured worldwide.

In fact, since its establishment in 2012, Webflow has gained a devoted following of 3.5 million users. Its growth has been meteoric, and the company continues to forge ahead with ambitious plans for the future. As Co-founder Vlad Magdalin said in a 2019 interview with Forbes, “Why not make a bigger dent in the universe?”

Webflow Enterprise partner exclusive features with N4 Studio

What Is Webflow Enterprise?

Over the years, Webflow’s customer base grew from an early market of small businesses to a much wider network, encompassing global organisations such as Dell, Zendesk, and Rakuten. Amid this tremendous growth, the company’s founders determined a more tailored solution was needed for enterprise-grade websites and apps.

Thus, in late 2020, Webflow Enterprise was launched, providing a solution specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of large businesses. Fundamentally, this offering reduces costs and bolsters efficiency. But you can learn more about the key features in our introduction to Webflow Enterprise

Webflow Enterprise Partners

In addition to its enterprise offering, the company launched a new category in its 'Webflow Experts' network called Enterprise Partners. This accreditation essentially makes it easier for businesses to find specialists. To qualify, agencies and system integrators must demonstrate a high level of proficiency in servicing larger clients and navigating the intricacies of the software’s enterprise platform.

N4’s partnership with Webflow began in 2021 when we officially joined the esteemed ranks of the Webflow Experts network. Building on this foundation, our commitment to excellence led us to become a Webflow Enterprise Partner in August of 2023.

Becoming a Webflow Enterprise Partner was a rigorous journey. It’s not a privilege one can buy or an easily obtained badge — it’s a distinction earned through a strict, invite-only testing and approval process, followed by continuous yearly reviews. In exchange, N4 gains exclusive access to advanced training, pre-market features, and top-tier support, which, in turn, directly supports our clients in achieving their digital goals — no matter how big.

N4 officially joined the Webflow Experts network as a Professional Partner in 2021 and proudly became a Webflow Enterprise Partner in August of 2023, one of just three in the United Kingdom. Today, we support businesses worldwide in achieving their digital goals — no matter how big.

The Power of Webflow in 2024

Webflow’s relentless dedication to empowering users has widely influenced the digital landscape as we know it. The company is wholeheartedly on a mission to build the future, drawing in crowds of like-minded supporters with bold visions of their own. What’s in it for you? Our experts have outlined the top five features driving business success.

Fine-Tuned SEO 

Webflow provides a comprehensive toolkit that surpasses basic search engine optimisation standards. With features like high-performance hosting, 301 redirect management, and schema markup capabilities, businesses are more equipped than ever to increase their online visibility.

Yet, what truly distinguishes the software is its unparalleled level of control. The platform's native tools encompass a broad spectrum of SEO essentials, designed with intuitive functionality. In turn, users can meticulously adjust, refine, and optimise their SEO strategies, fostering exceptional outcomes.

360° Ecommerce Support

Webflow offers a unique design-centric approach to Ecommerce, allowing businesses to create visually appealing and highly customised storefronts that showcase products effectively. Combined with streamlined order management, secure checkout processes, and seamless integrations, the feature readily preps businesses to cultivate a high-quality customer experience.

In addition, the platform provides robust analytics tools, giving businesses superior insights that inform winning marketing strategies and enhance the overall customer experience. This holistic, 360° support is the driving force behind tangible business success in the fiercely competitive online marketplace.

Limitless Localisation

Webflow has made it easier than ever for businesses to connect with diverse audiences. Launched in late 2023, the localisation feature introduced a suite of advanced tools that minimise geographical barriers, opening doors to global growth.

While there’s much to explore, some notable benefits include the quick creation of multilingual content, precise geo-targeting, and the ability to craft custom locales (unique versions of your website) for various regions. With these invaluable tools, businesses can effortlessly produce highly personalised user experiences that supercharge international growth.

Ready to unlock your global potential? Dive into Webflow Localisation.

Streamlined Content Management

Webflow’s flexible Content Management System (CMS) empowers businesses with effortless content control and dynamic customisation. Offering intuitive content structuring and versatile layouts without extensive coding, the CMS ensures granular control over text, images, and interactive elements.

Facilitating streamlined workflows and seamless scalability, it integrates robust SEO features, ensuring engaging, search-optimised content delivery. This adaptable CMS doesn't just manage content; it shapes exceptional user experiences across multiple devices, enhancing interaction and driving user engagement.

The Ultimate App Store

Following the initial launch of Webflow Apps in 2022, the company introduced an impressive next-gen update just one year later. The 2023 advancement took functionality to new heights, allowing developers to seamlessly integrate complex features without needing to code from scratch.

As for the app store itself, it’s truly a playground for Webflow developers, offering a built-in library of premium tools like Hubspot, Typeform, and Unsplash. It's a one-stop destination for nearly every need, from project management systems to social media schedulers, all readily available for high-speed integration — the ultimate key to scalability.

Learn more: Explore The App Store.

Webflow branding showcase by N4 Studio

Webflow vs. Competitors

From the very beginning, Webflow made it clear that user empowerment underscored everything. In fact, one of the company’s top values is to “obsess over customer experience”. This attention to users is evident throughout the Webflow universe. But how does the software compare to other options on the market? 

When compared to other web platforms, the software stands out for its focus on design freedom, flexibility, and efficiency. While some platforms may offer more pre-built templates or plugins, Webflow enables complete control over design and function — all without the need for timely coding, which reduces costly developer fees.

Pricing Guide

Admittedly pricier than basic website builders, Webflow's cost aligns with its advanced functionalities. It's a platform built to elevate users to superhero status. For businesses seeking standout growth and success, the choice is clear. However, the software’s pricing guide accommodates diverse needs, ensuring users find plans that fit both their budgets and project demands.

Partnering with N4 Studio, Webflow Enterprise Agency

Benefits of Partnering with a Webflow Agency

Partnering with a Webflow agency isn't just a strategic move; it's a gateway to boundless opportunities for your business. At N4, we specialise in maximising Webflow's capabilities, offering tailored solutions that precisely match your objectives.

Real-World Success

Many of our clients have made significant savings from Webflow, but that's just one benefit. We also see tremendous increases in organic traffic, user engagement, and conversion rates, not to mention the lightning-quick turnaround in design and development updates. Explore our latest Webflow projects for a glimpse of your potential.

Connect with Our Webflow Experts

Working with a Webflow Expert gives you access to a wealth of expertise, digital innovation, and efficiency in crafting unique, high-performing digital products. So regardless of your needs, be it a large-scale website or a sleek mobile application, we’re here to help. 

Ready to take things to the next level? Get in touch today.

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