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Exploring Webflow’s New App Store


September 21, 2023


Jono Cook

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Webflow Apps


As an official Webflow Partner, we’re always excited when they come out with new features and updates for us to play around with. Their most recent drop, Webflow Apps, will take our web design and development offerings to the next level. 

Welcoming the release of Webflow Apps with open arms

After giving the beta version of Webflow Apps a year to grow and refine, Webflow released the next-gen; an insane collection of more than 20 apps that can be accessed directly from the Designer panel, making the web-building process easier than ever. What does this mean for our clients and partners? It may feel like moving closer to a low/no-code ecosystem looks to make developers redundant. But it’s the opposite. Closing the gap between front-end and back-end gives N4 unbridled power and flexibility to create more bespoke, truly unique deliverables in any size market. 

AI and APIs

AI is everywhere, and this update is no exception. Webflow has leveraged the power of this technology to bring seamless integrations to the forefront of Webflow Apps. Whether it’s to sync your data with MeldAPI or fine-tune your content with Jasper, AI is a big presence. 

Webflow Designer APIs are helping clients and web developers alike. Designers and developers can utilise custom APIs to create a memorable digital experience for consumers, and clients can manage and maintain their websites after the team has worked their magic. Webflow’s REST APIs got an update too; with more efficient interaction with vital features in V2 of REST, we have a feeling we’re only just seeing the tip of the iceberg. 

The developer platform

One of the most impactful parts of this update is how easy to use the new Apps panel is. Webflow Apps are accessible from Designer and, with Designer APIs and Designer Extensions, can interact directly with canvas elements. This enables us to create custom apps for our clients who use everything from traditional Webflow to Webflow Enterprise. Thanks to the built-in flexibility, there’ll be no interruption to your existing tech stack–CMS, automations, and analytics platforms. With improved installation and authorisation flows, Designer is a well-oiled, symbiotic machine. 

N4 favourites

With over 20 apps to choose from, narrowing down our selection to just two favourites wasn’t easy. But ultimately, we feel these two front-runners take the cake due to the significant impact they have on our endgame. 


Typeform’s fully customisable engagement platform helps businesses effortlessly engage their target audience and integrates with your existing tools, making it one of our favourite apps to use with Webflow. 


Even though we’re a HubSpot Gold Partner, we’re completely unbiased when we say we love the HubSpot x Webflow combo. The integration between these two powerful platforms makes marketing automations and CRM seamless. 

Looking ahead at what’s next

We don’t have a crystal ball into the future, but one thing is for sure. When Webflow makes moves, everyone follows suit. So we’re amped to see what kind of genius is about to emerge on the horizon…N4 plans to be right there with the best. Keep an eye out over the next 6–12 months. We’ve got some ideas of our own cooking! In the meantime, check out all the updates on the new Apps page of Webflow Marketplace

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Jono Cook


Jono Cook

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