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N4 is now a Webflow Enterprise Partner


August 9, 2023


Jono Cook

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N4 Studio becomes a Webflow Enterprise Partner


N4 Studio, formally known as Neon Hive, has been working with Webflow since 2017 and became a Professional Webflow Partner in 2021

Since then, we have delivered over 100 high performing Webflow websites and have grown our team of Webflow specialists to meet growing demand and complexity of projects. 

Reflecting our efforts, we are excited to announce that N4 is now officially a Webflow Enterprise Partner, one of only four in the United Kingdom and one of three in New Zealand.

So what exactly does Enterprise Partner status mean? Let’s dive into it…

What is Webflow Enterprise, and who’s it for?

Web development demands increase as your business reaches new milestones of growth, which can be overwhelming and hard to manage, even for the most tech-savvy entrepreneurs. 

Webflow created a large-scale solution that’s now trusted by countless influential household names such as PWC, Dropbox, Dell, and Rakuten. For any organization with a large team that needs high-performance collaboration tools and industry-leading security standards, Webflow Enterprise is a game-changer.

The platform’s powerful suite of features enables your website and your team to flourish without the limitations of a typical content manager. Webflow Enterprise can easily accommodate complex sites of any size, making scaling and evolving seamless.

From a web design and development perspective, Webflow delivers an intuitive interface that makes updates, content management, and site maintenance easy to execute without a web developer. That is, when your project has been set up correctly with a robust design system, component libraries, and more. As an enterprise level platform, it’s not for beginners, but that’s where we come in.

What are Webflow’s enterprise features?

Webflow began its journey by changing the web for small to medium businesses and personal projects, but they quickly grew alongside their customers and adapted their offering to better serve the ever-evolving enterprise sector.

With Webflow Enterprise’s suite of tools, it’s easier than ever to implement your team’s ideas and make iterative improvements to your site's design and functionality at speed.

Page Branching - Flex Fitness


Your team has grown. Revenue too. Your web capabilities need to keep up. Webflow understands that success takes a village, and the enterprise platform helps everyone stay connected while allowing them the freedom to flourish independently. Core features that Webflow Enterprise introduces to promote collaboration are:

  • Page branching: page branching is Webflow’s answer to collaboration at scale, allowing multiple team members to work on projects simultaneously rather than being limited to one designer at a time. 
  • Safeguarded classes: avoid accidentally deploying site-wide class changes by controlling who is able to edit class styling.
  • Activity logs: an accidental change has gone live and you’re not sure where to fix it? Gain access to a full activity log to quickly find what change was made and by who. 
  • Advanced permissions: no longer able to trust someone who is publishing errors? Choose from advanced permissions to limit their access accordingly. 
Client-first class naming - Resonate Health


Webflow Enterprise has mastered the art of growing pains with a platform that not only meets but exceeds the needs of your burgeoning business at every stage, including ones you haven’t yet reached. 

With features like enterprise-grade hosting (because site speed matters), robust content management, and reliable traffic capabilities that handle heavy surges like they’re nothing, your business can thrive. So don’t worry about hitting the glass ceiling here, because there isn’t one. 

Advanced permissions - Northbrook by Winton


As your business grows, so do potential threats. No risk, no reward, right? But Webflow Enterprise built guard dogs into the platform at every turn; SOC 2 Type II certified, advanced DDoS protected, and SSO enabled. Picture the Home Alone of the internet—minus the swinging paint buckets and red-hot doorknobs. 


Webflow’s extensive API and integration list means that you don’t have to compromise on systems when migrating. Seamlessly integrate all of your preferred CRM’s, analytics tools, authentication tools, job boards, and whatever else you desire. 

In fact, we have used Webflow’s API ourselves to build advanced translation tools, custom review systems integrated with Google, and localised domains with reverse proxying, and more. 

What does it take to become a Webflow Enterprise Partner?

Not just anyone can be a Webflow Enterprise Partner—in both New Zealand and the entire United Kingdom, we’re one of only three and four respectively. It’s not something you can just pay to sign up for or a free membership that comes with a badge (not to point any fingers).

There’s a strict invite-only, testing, and approval process. N4 has to meet and maintain, on a yearly basis, criteria to keep our status as a Webflow Enterprise Partner to ensure we are ready to serve the most complex of requirements.

In return, N4 gets exclusive access to advanced training, insights, pre-market features, and next-level support. All of which gets passed onto you. We’re not saying all this to brag. We’re proud of our team, what we’ve achieved, and our drive to grow. With this new partnership and a freshly fortified toolkit, we’re looking forward to better serving our existing enterprise clients, as well as helping our small business and mid-market clients scale their businesses to new heights.

Our service offering as an Enterprise Partner

To get a full overview of our offering as an Enterprise Partner, head over to our Webflow partner page. For the TLDR; with Webflow enterprise offering covers custom Webflow design and development, site migrations, systems integrations, training, and maintenance. 

Is Webflow Enterprise right for your business?

We’ve been talking about Webflow Enterprise, but N4 is still a full-service web design and development agency, and we want to make sure Webflow is the right fit for your project needs. 

Like many digital agencies, we started small and grew to adapt to the market, but we’ll never forget about the little guys. Even if you don’t use Webflow, we can facilitate a quick and painless migration with continued post-launch support. 

Regardless of your business’s size, our dedicated design and development team can help build your brand, refine your digital presence, or reach your growth goals. 

Do want your business to make an impact?

Of course you do. And we can make it happen. N4 is driven by results and powered by talented designers, developers, and strategists. If you need a little push to start leveraging your resources to take your business to the next level, let’s talk.

Jono Cook


Jono Cook

Founder / Developer




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