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Introducing Webflow Localisation


November 30, 2023


Jono Cook

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Webflow Localisation Features


In an increasingly interconnected world, businesses transcend borders, serving clients and customers across continents. The opportunities for expansion are vast, limited only by the reach of your connectivity. Which begs the question, how do you effectively connect with diverse, distant audiences?

Localisation stands as the vital process of adapting products to resonate with specific markets through adjustments like language translation. But despite the method’s crucial role in fostering global business expansion, the path to successful localisation has never been straightforward. Traditionally, it meant developing entirely new products for each market — an effective yet time-consuming endeavour. However, Webflow’s new website localisation feature, introduced in November 2023, is completely changing the game.

The long-awaited breakthrough debuts as a native solution — integral to the very core of the web platform. This distinction is crucial as it not only streamlines but also strengthens and accelerates the localisation process, empowering businesses to connect with global audiences quicker than ever. Want to learn more? Let’s dive in.

What is Webflow Localisation? 

First and foremost, it’s important to understand that Webflow’s solution to website localisation is native. This means that the feature/tool is inherent to the web platform — created to be used by Webflow developers, designers, and website/app managers who utilise Webflow’s CMS. It’s a built-in functionality that essentially provides a smoother experience for everybody, eliminating the complexities of using external tools.

But beyond convenience, Webflow Localisation provides best-in-class support in reaching global audiences. The tool is fully equipped with a powerful suite of features such as multi-language translation, which enables lightning-quick translation across websites and apps. This capability, among others, pushes Webflow into the lead as a frontrunner in localisation and further exemplifies the company’s commitment to user empowerment.

The Benefits For Your Business

With Webflow Localisation, businesses can enhance operational efficiency, improve audience engagement, and streamline the process of global outreach. The value is exponential. But what does this all mean?

To explain the advantages of Webflow Localisation, we’ve distilled the extensive features into four key benefits for businesses. Let’s get into them.

One Website, Multiple Locales

Gone are the days of needing multiple websites/apps to target different markets. With Webflow Localisation, we can build a single product that has multiple locales (localised versions of the product). This singular solution revolutionises global outreach, empowering businesses to access diverse markets through a unified digital product.

Consequently, this feature expedites digital project deployments, allowing businesses to swiftly scale their global presence. It’s this agility afforded by Webflow Localisation that accelerates growth initiatives, allowing businesses to expand and thrive in diverse markets, quickly.

Seamless Customisation

In addition to web/app unification, Webflow Localisation provides a unique degree of customisation for each locale. When switching between locales, users can seamlessly customise static pages, CMS content, element visibility, and typography styles. These adjustments for content localisation can be made visually on-site via Webflow Designer (for designers) or Webflow Editor (for website managers), providing a remarkably accessible interface.

However, the true strength of this feature lies in its ability to create highly personalised experiences for distinct markets. Locales can be significantly tailored to their respective audiences, not only stylistically but also technically. With such comprehensive adaptability, businesses have greater chances of fostering authentic connections around the world.

Machine-Powered Translation

Before Webflow Localisation, the company had plans for a multi-language feature — a language localisation tool for users to easily translate text. This important development paved the way for the revolutionary website localisation solution that we have today and remains an integral component of the extensive offering.

It’s now quick and simple to translate your entire website/app into multiple languages. Thanks to Webflow’s machine-powered translation integration, global communication becomes effortless. And for those seeking more granular control, users can seamlessly make manual translations directly on-site.

Best-in-class SEO localisation

Effective search engine optimisation is crucial for achieving digital performance goals. Webflow’s SEO localisation feature gives users a massive advantage, propelling them closer to achieving their business objectives.

Just as users can update the stylistic and technical aspects of locales, they can also customise pivotal elements of search criteria. For example, users can create localised URLs by customising locale slugs. Similarly, users can fine-tune locale metadata and sitemaps for better chances of capturing specific audiences.

It’s also important to understand the SEO benefits of preserving a unified domain authority. Since localisation no longer requires the development of multiple websites/apps, everything can be consolidated. Locales can co-exist harmoniously within a central subdirectory, contributing to shared domain authority. The collective strength of all localised content under one domain then enhances the domain’s credibility and search engine ranking, bolstering visibility across markets.

Working With Webflow Experts

Webflow Experts is a network of certified agencies and freelancers, established to make it easier for businesses to connect with professionals that are proficient in Webflow’s technology. 

One of the greatest advantages of working with a Webflow Expert is that their expertise is second to none. Their specialised knowledge not only drives excellence in digital product design and development but also opens up doors to endless creative freedom.

N4 became a Webflow Expert back in 2021 and recently became an accredited Webflow Enterprise Partner, signifying our agency’s aptitude in building enterprise-scale digital solutions. Over the years, our team has delivered over 100 high-performing Webflow websites, helping businesses accomplish their audacious goals. Go ahead, check out our work.

Ready to localise with Webflow?

Webflow Localisation is the most powerful tool we’ve seen in a while. If you’re looking for website localisation services, or want to discover how your business can achieve its international goals, book a discovery call with N4 today.

Jono Cook


Jono Cook

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